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The latest news on European Energy from the Directorate-General Energy (DG Energy or ENER) of the European Commission.

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Biomass Magazine & Pellet Mill Magazine

The Biomass Magazine is the most relevant and extensive industry specific media in North America for biomass. BBI organizes the well established International Biomass Conference & Expo (Conference website).The Pellet Mill Magazine specializes in the woodpellet industry.

Biomass Magazine

Pellet Mill Magazine

Canadian Biomass Magazine

The Canadian Biomass Magazine is the companion to the Biomass Magazine in the USA. The focus lies on Safety. The pellet mill map is a helpful tool for analyzing the market.

Canadian Biomass Magazine

Bioenery News – Biomass Feed

Bioenergy Insight covers many renerwable energy topics and organizes the International Biomass Congress & Expo (Congress website)

Bioenergy News

Blog of Energy Decentral by DLG

Bioenergy Decentral is a coop-plattform with EuroTier, powered by DLG. (Congress website)

Biomass Policy Knowledge by the European Commission

Biomass is the physical basis of the bioeconomy and at the core of the societal challenges it addresses. Knowledge on biomass production, availability and use is key.

Biomass knowledge

JRC Biomass Assessment Study

The demand for biomass is increasing worldwide. Legislative packages such as the EU’s 2030 climate and energy policy framework are likely to have strong impacts on biomass supply, demand and flows, which must be reconciled with environmental, economic and social sustainability in Europe and globally.

Biomass Assessment Study